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Hercules trawl doors on Murmansk trawler Krym

161202-krym-hercules-60-01161202-krym-hercules-60-02MV KRIM from Murmansk, the ex Icelandic shrimp catcher BLIKI EA, is using the high efficient Hercules 1,2r semi-pelagic trawl doors with good success. The Hercules 1,2r 6,0 square metres and 2100 kg semi-pelagic trawl doors are spreading their 400# bottom trawl to 130 metres doors-to-doors distance using 130 metres bridles. The Hercules doors are a low aspect ratio semi-pelagic trawl doors and they are flying just over the bottom.
Since they switch to the Hercules 1,2r doors, catch has increased by 20% compared with previous fishing trips using their older trawl doors of 5,0 square metres. The efficiency of Hercules doors is not only seen in better catch, tension on trawl wire has dropped from 5 to 6 tons down to 4 to 5 tons.
Skipper Vladimir is very happy with the Hercules trawl doors; ”Good catching doors, easy to shoot and tow”.