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Jessn Marine Equipment

Polar has signed a Business Partners Agreement with the Ningbo based Jessn Marine Equipment. The agreement is based on joint venture partnership involving Jessn as our manufacturing partner in China for trawl doors to the Chinese and other Far East markets.

Jessn Marine Equipment has long experience in manufacturing of various articles for the fishing industry, namely winches, net drums, deck winches, deck cranes, jigging machines, hooks etc.

Jessn factory is very well equipped with modern machinery suitable to build high quality trawl doors of all sizes.

Jessn Marine, an ISO9001 certificated company is operated in more than 35.000 square metres factory buildings employing more than 200 persons.

Majority of Jessn products are exported to more than 80 countries.

Jessn Marine is managed by Mr He Bo.

Jessn Marine Equipment Co., Ltd.

No 206 Tiantai Mountain Road
Ningbo 316806
Tel: +86 (574) 86 11 88 88
Fax: +86 (574) 86 11 85 55