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Pair of Polar Mercury 2,0r trawl doors to Greece

Polar sold its first pair of trawl doors to the local fleet in Greece earlier this year. A pair of Mercury 2,0r semi-pelagic trawl doors of 2,2 square metres was purchased by Maria Giavasis  and her brother, skipper Petros Giavasis for their 26 metres fishing vessel Petros Maria from Kyllini.

Skipper Petros is very happy with the Mercury 2,0r trawl doors but they have performed very well on shallow water
catching cod, turbot, squid and monkfish and depth water shrimp at 300 metres depth.The 2,2 metres Mercury 2,0r trawl doors are spreading better than their previous 2,6 metres trawl doors with
far less resistance.

170310-Petros-Maria-00a 170310-Petros-Maria-03a 170310 Petros Maria 02 170310 Petros Maria 01